7th Apr., 2016 (Thu.)

"Members" was updated.

31st Mar., 2016 (Thu.)

Kuno Lab. Mini-Workshop was held.

15th Feb., 2016 (Mon.)

Akira Sato and Makoto Yoshida won the Nishikawa Award from the Foundation for High Energy Accelerator Science.

3rd Feb., 2016 (Wed.)

Shintaro Ito got his Ph.D. The thesis is available here.

25th Dec., 2016 (Fri.)

Annual Year-end Joint workshop with Yamanaka-lab was held.

1st Oct., 2015 (Thu.)

"Members" was updated.

3 international students stay in our lab during a half or one year. They came from Finland, Kazakhstan or Malaysia.

15th Jul., 2015 (Wed.)

3 international students stay in our lab during this summer. They came from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or Mahidol University, Thailand. (Member page)

12th Jul., 2015 (Sun.)

COMET-CDC group carried out a test experiment at SPring-8.

1st Jul., 2015 (Wed.)

Surface muon beam was succussfully generated at MuSIC (RCNP News).

9th May, 2015 (Sat.)

Prof. Kuno's 60 years old party was held.

3rd May, 2015 (Sun.)

"Dissertation" page was updated.

7th Apr., 2015 (Tue.)

COMET-CDC was shipped to KEK Fuji hall (KEK IPNS News).

1st Apr., 2015 (Wed.)

"Members" was updated.

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