Information for speakers
An overhead projector and a video projector are available in each session room. No 35mm slide projector is available.

For plenary session speakers : All plenary session speakers are requested to send their presentation files (PowerPoint or PDF) to us in advance, so that they would be placed in one common laptop computer for their presentation. For speakers who will use transparencies, please hand in them to us after their talk.

For parallel session speakers : Parallel session speakers have to use their own computers for presentation. Their presentation files are requested to give to us after their talks.

Presentation files will be posted on the workshop Web pages.

Computing facilities
A wireless LAN service will be available in all session rooms. We will also provide some DHCP ports in ethernet hubs at the computer room for participants who do not have wireless LAN. A few PC's and a laser-color printer will also be available in the computer room.

Breads, coffee and tea will be served in each morning. Refreshment is served in the whole workshop period.

Information about restaurants around the workshop site is available via here.