First Bulletin

6th International Workshop on Neutrino Factories and Superbeams,
Osaka University, Japan
26 July - 1 August 2004

1. General Information

NuFact04 is the sixth annual Neutrino Factory workshop. This series of annual meetings is devoted to discussing the full physics potential of the Neutrino Factory, as well as the design and feasibility of the accelerator complex and the various detectors. The meeting will also review and discuss the prospects for neutrino superbeams and beta beams, and the associated physics programs. The NuFact04 workshop starts on Monday July 26th, 2004 and ends on Sunday August 1st, 2004. In conjunction with this workshop there will also be a summer school for students and others, the third Neutrino Factory Summer Institute, which will take place in Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, from July 16 to July 24, 2004. For more information refer to

The purpose of this NuFact04 workshop is to review recent research and developments in Neutrino Factory design, associated R&D programs, physics programs relevant to a Neutrino Factory; Superbeams and their design, other physics programs that benefit from the Neutrino Factory R&D; such as muon science programs, nuclear physics programs and many of others.

2. Scientific Program

The NuFact04 workshop consists of a mixture of plenary talks and parallel working group sessions. Possible topics for plenary presentations include:

- Physics of Massive Neutrinos,
- Atmospheric Neutrino Results,
- Solar Neutrino Results, KamLAND Results & Prospects,
- Prospects for \theta_{13} Measurements at Future Reactors,
- Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments with Superbeams,
- Oscillation Neutrino Physics Reach at Neutrino Factories,
- Non-oscillation Neutrino Physics,
- Particle Physics with Intense Muon Beams,
- Application with Intense Muon Beams,
- Muon Collier prospects,
- Hadron Beam Physics at Highly Intense Proton machines,
- Applied Science with Highly Intense proton beams,
- Neutrino Factory R&D in the US, Europe and Japan,
- Beta Beam R&D,
- Targetry R&D,
- Neutrino Detector,
- Leptogenesis, and
- Neutrino and Cosmology.

There are four working groups:
WG1: Neutrino Oscillation Physics
WG2: Neutrino Non-oscillation Physics
WG3: Machine Design and R&D
WG4: Intense Muon Physics

3. Workshop Site

The workshop will be held in the Convention Center of Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.

4. Registration and Accommodation

Details of how to register for NuFact04 and reserve accommodation will be posted on the NuFact04 web-site (

5. Correspondence

Questions concerning the workshop can be addressed to:

Masaharu Aoki, NuFact04 Scientific Secretariat
Physics Department,
Osaka University
1-1 Machikane-yama, Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan

Tel: 81-(0)6-6850-5564
FAX: 81-(0)6-6850-5561