The NuFact04 proceedings will be published as Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) from Elsevier. Following conditions apply for acceptance of the contributions.

1) The contribution has not been published elsewhere.

2) It is written in English language.

3) The author prepares a camera-ready manuscript (ps or pdf file) using the Elsevier's predefined latex style file (download) by the deadline of 31/Oct/2004. Colored figures and pictures will be printed in B/W.

4) A peer reviewer (nominated by the editors for plenary contributions and by the convenors for WG contributions) checks the quality of the article (both in contents and in English) and appropriate modifications are made. The convenors and editors may also give comments to the contributions.

The page quota for the proceedings are as follows:

* WG talks with 15 or 20 min.: 2 pages
* WG talks with 25 min. or more: 3 pages
* Plenary talks by individuals: 5 pages
* WG summary in plenary: 8 pages
* 'Discussions': no proceedings forseen, unless negociated (see below)

In case the author has a good reason to exceed the above page quota, he/she should contact the WG convenors (WG talks) or editors (plenary) by 31/Aug/2004 to obtain an extra page from the 'spare' allocated for each WG and plenary. Please note that the number of spare pages are rather limited, and not all requests may be satisfied.

The draft should be sent to:
deadline: 31/Oct/2004

A style file is available via here.
A sample file is here.