Various experimental observations have firmly proved that the different flavors of neutrinos do oscillate one another. It is now being anticipated that possible clues of new physics beyond the standard model may lie ahead of physics of neutrinos. Therefore, it is very important to pursue neutrino physics, and probably whatever physics programs which are relevant to neutrinos.

On the other hand, recent developments of accelerator technology conceive an idea of accelerating muons to high energy. High-energy neutrino beams with high-intensity and high-brightness could be produced from decays of the muons which are accelerated and stored in a muon storage ring. This is a facility called a Neutrino Factory. The physics potential of a Neutrino Factory is very high. For instance, the neutrino mass hierarchy will be determined. The yet-unknown neutrino mixing angle, $\theta_{13}$, can be precisely measured. The CP violating phase parameter of the neutrino mixing matrix (Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata matrix) would be explored.

Furthermore, the physics goals and future accelerator technologies held up by a Neutrino Factory have triggered a burst of many other novel ideas of experiments. A Neutrino Factory complex requires a high-power proton accelerator which is capable of producing a MW beam. It can also be used to generate very intense conventional neutrino beams: Neutrino Superbeams. A Neutrino Factory complex also requires manipulation of a muon beam such as phase rotation, cooling, and acceleration. They can also be used to generate very intense muon beams: a Muon Factory. Another type of Neutrino Factories which uses unstable nuclei in stead of muons; a Beta-beam factory.

Today, a Neutrino Factory and its relevant fields of sciences and technologies are very wide and rich. They continue expanding their frontier. In near future, either the great discovery or the great invention or both might promote civilization and welfare of us humans.

The purpose of this workshop is to review recent research and developments in Neutrino Factory design, associated R&D programs, physics programs relevant to a Neutrino Factory; Superbeams and their design, other physics programs that benefit from the Neutrino Factory R&D; such as muon science programs, nuclear physics programs and many of others.

The NuFact04 workshop consists of a mixture of plenary talks and parallel working group sessions. Possible topics for plenary presentations include:
* Physics of Massive Neutrinos
* Atmospheric Neutrino Results
* Solar Neutrino Results, KamLAND Results & Prospects
* Prospects for $\theta_{13}$ Measurements at Future Reactors
* Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments with Superbeams
* Oscillation Neutrino Physics Reach at Neutrino Factories
* Non-oscillation Neutrino Physics
* Particle Physics with Intense Muon Beams
* Application with Intense Muon Beams
* Muon Collier prospects
* Hadron Beam Physics at Highly Intense Proton machines
* Applied Science with Highly Intense proton beams
* Neutrino Factory R&D in the US, Europe and Japan
* Beta Beam R&D
* Targetry R&D
* Neutrino Detector
* Leptogenesis
* Neutrino and Cosmology