The registration and other fees are as follows:

Registration fee, received before/on June 30 JPY 35,000
Registration fee, received after June 30 JPY 40,000
Registration fee, students, received before/on June 30 JPY 10,000
Registration fee, students, received after June 30 JPY 15,000
Banquet (accompanied person) JPY 10,000

Note that the banquet fee for the conference attendee is included in the registration fee.

Also Note that the registration fees for students were drastically reduced from the previous prices.

A special web system for the registration, hotel reservation and their payments is provided by JTB (a popular travel agent in Japan) and operated by Proactive Convention Co.,Ltd. Please move to the following site for the registration.

Go to the web registration page

!! Important note !!

This web system is well designed in general. All the transaction will be protected by SSL technology. I hope you may feel very secure to use this system. However, there is one flaw that you have to keep it in your mind. You will be asked to obtain an ID for the web system. In the ID application page, you may enter a password of the ID. That password will be explicitly shown on the next page in order to confirm what you entered. This particular design is totally fool. Somebody who may be looking at your registration procedure over your shoulder will see the password! In order to cope with the flaw, I would like to suggest you to use totally different password than you usually use in your daily life (of computer, bank transaction, etc.).