What's New

7/28 Transparencies are available via "Program" page.

7/20 The final Bulletin is uploaded.

7/20 The automated hotel reservation system on-the-web was already closed. If you would like to book a room at the hotel around the conference site, please send your request to directly to the travel agency JTB, jtbwec4@kns.jtb.co.jp. Since they are handling many other conferences in addition to our own, please do not forget to mention "NuFact04" in your e-mail of request.

7/19 The block-reserved rooms were already released, and the hotel reservation service on-the-web was closed.

7/16 A list of participants is available.

7/14 The hotel reservation page was on-service again. Please make your reservation promptly since the block-reserved rooms will be released soon.

7/07 Tentative programs for WG3 and WG4 are available via the "Program" page.

6/29 The plenary program is updated.

6/28 The 2nd Bulletin is uploaded.

6/28 A tentative WG1 program is available via the "Program" page.

6/28 Important announcement to the speakers and information on computer facilities are up in the "Announcement" page.

6/28 Information of some festivals and fireworks is uploaded on the "Local Information" page.

6/28 The Web page design is re-arranged.